Church Chronology

   Under this head may be given certain dates and events which may be regarded as "Turning Points" in the history of the Christian Church:
   Day of Pentecost, Birthday of the Church A.D. 33
   Death of St. John at Ephesus 97
   The Ten great Persecutions of Christians 64-313
   I. General Council, at Nicea 325
   II. General Council, at Constantinople 381
   III. General Council, at Ephesus 431
   IV. General Council, at Chalcedon 451
   Leo the Great revised the Roman Liturgy 492
   V. General Council, at Constantinople 553
   Gregory the Great revised the Roman Liturgy 590
   St. Augustine came to England 595
   VI. General Council, at Constantinople 681
   Venerable Bede died at Yarrow, England 735
   Alfred the Great founded Oxford University 887
   Final Separation of Church in East and West 1054
   Osmund, Bishop of Salisbury, revised English Liturgy 1081
   Crusades began 1095
   Bible divided into chapters 1252
   Wickliffe and his work 1377-1384
   First book printed, a Latin Bible, at Mentz 1450
   Martin Luther and his work 1517-1546
   John Calvin 1530-1564
   English Reformation 1534-1559
   First English Prayer Book set forth 1549
   Present authorized version of the Bible 1611
   Present English Prayer Book set forth 1662
   Church introduced into America 1578-1607
   Bishop Seabury consecrated in Scotland first
   American Bishop 1784
   Three additional Bishops consecrated in England for American Church 1787-1790
   Name changed to Protestant Episcopal 1789
   American Prayer Book set forth Oct. 16, 1789
   American Prayer Book revised 1883-1892

American Church Dictionary and Cyclopedia. — New York, Thomas Whittaker. . 1901.

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